• Rajalakshmi Narayanamohan - B.Com (Accounting & Finance)

    Managing Director

    Backed by over 25 years of experience, an accomplished entrepreneur; Mrs Rajalakshmi Narayanamohan has been leading Mohan Management Consultants in its accounting and consulting services; since 1990. One of the Board of Directors of SICCI (Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), from 2010-2012; her success lies in her commitment to taking a proactive management approach.

    Mrs Rajalakshmi takes the time to understand the objectives and expectations of each client and works closely with her team in generating feasible solutions for them. She steers the company towards fulfilling the clients’ short-term and long-term objectives on a daily basis. She communicates and maintains trust relationships with her clients in order to have a better understanding of their corporate needs as well. Mrs Rajalakshmi also provides guidance, support and motivation to her team at Mohan Management Consultants to drive performance. Nominated as one of the 50 Indian Women Entrepreneurs in Singapore, Mrs Rajalakshmi Narayanamohan continues to strives for excellence all that she does.

  • N Sriram - ACCA

    Operations Director

    Operations Director Sriram, a Chartered Accountant in Singapore, directs and coordinates the internal structure of Mohan Management Consultants; based on policies, goals, and objectives to ensure an efficient working environment and that deadlines are met consistently. He works with clients to solve their varied business challenges and is always eager to dive deep into complex areas. He is well versed in systems development and works towards improving the capabilities and quality of the services provided in Mohan Management Consultants, constantly. He provides leadership support function to teams and motivates staff to achieve company and personal goals. Sriram has also vastly improved the productivity of the organization by implementing a strategic Registered Office system, such as a virtual mailbox which ensures greater transparency and efficiency for clients who require their mails promptly. He is currently passionate about equipping his team at Mohan Management Consultants with innovative solutions for remediating complexities and thereby building an efficient long-term relationship with clients.

  • Geetajeet Kaur
    Chartered Accountant (CA, Singapore), CPA (Australia), B.Com (Major in Accounting, Management & Finance)

    Head of Compilation

    For organizations, businesses and clients requiring assistance with financial reporting and compilation of accounts, Jeet brings a wealth of experience. For more than 23 years, she has earned a reputation for providing skilled and practical financial guidance for corporations in Singapore. Today, Jeet is responsible for clients’ regulatory compliance as well as ensuring accuracy, transparency and timeliness of financial disclosures. Focusing on small to large sized companies, as well as clients from a diverse number of industries; she delivers compilation services that meet each client’s unique objectives; in accordance to the Financial Reporting Standards in Singapore. She leads her team to assist companies and businesses in addressing compliance issues and respond to their regulatory concerns and practices. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Jeet plays a major role in presenting to clients complete financial statements, that comply with Singapore’s statutory requirements.

  • Aparna Datla - B.Tech (Computer Science & Information Technology)

    Head of Strategy

    Deputy to the Operations Director and the current Head of Strategy, Aparna Datla has more than 6 years of experience in advising and assisting our clients on their corporate structuring needs. Having dealt with clients from various industries, she brings years of experience and knowledge to the table. Given her background in IT and her present grasp of accounting as well, she is able to leverage her skills in both realms. This has resulted in various new policies and systems within the company. The new policies and systems have gone on to vastly increase and influence the quality and productivity of the services provided by Mohan Management Consultants. She also puts in place performance measures that determines the effectiveness of implemented strategies and identify areas for strategic improvement. In closing, she is a close confidante to her subordinates and clients and an asset to Mohan Management Consultants.

  • Vandana Sharma - ACS (Associate Member of ICSI, New Delhi), M.Com, LLB

    Head of Corporate Secretary

    A Master of Commerce Gold Medalist and a former corporate advocate in Mumbai, Vandana joined Mohan Management Consultants in 2015. She is the Head of the Corporate Secretarial department, where she oversees our company’s portfolio of secretarial services and serves as our clients’ trusted advisor, on corporate structuring. Vandana’s insights and pragmatic approach to problem solving, allows her to provide solutions and guidance for clients from various industries. Currently, she specializes in working with organizations in the fields of Trading, Manufacturing, Software, Investment and Medical. Together with her team of executives, she leads our clients through entity formations and diverse compliance requirements. Vandana is also an active member and volunteer of the Singapore Red Cross and Keeping Hope Alive, organizations.

  • Kishany Kishanth - Chartered Accountant (CA) & Certified Management Accountant, Sri Lanka; B.Com

    Head of Bookkeeping & BPO

    Kisha joined Mohan Management Consultants as an accountant in 2011. In the succeeding years, Kisha earned the role of Head of Bookkeeping & BPO. Her in depth experience in accounting, enables Kisha to provide relevant timely advice and assistance to her team of 7; on our clients’ accounting needs. She currently oversees her team to ensure quality control and timely delivery of work. Kisha also makes certain that all clients’ accounts are prepared according to the latest Financial reporting Standards and plays a lead role in handling Goods and Service Tax (GST) claims. Kisha’s analytical approach; continuously brings Mohan Management Consultants’ Bookkeeping & BPO team to higher standards.